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Guys, My name is Muhammad Bilal and I am the founder of this website.  I am resident of Uttar Pradesh, India. I am twenty years old and I am studying now.

Guys, I am very interested in technology, internet and tech tips and tricks since childhood and I love to read or learn information related to technology, internet and all tech tips and tricks every day.

Guys, our main purpose of making this website is to provide knowledge to the people according to their need and desire.  Before sharing any post on my website, I search thoroughly about it, only after having complete information, I share the article on my website.

We share information about technology, internet, all tech tips and tricks on android, mobile, computer, make money online ideas, gaming tips, blogging tips and tricks, youtube tips and tricks, app review and all other related to Tech. on this website.

Guys, every person wants to be successful in his life, for this you have to increase your knowledge every day, you have to keep learning something new everyday.  That's why we have made our website so that you learn something new everyday from our website.

Guys, we hope that you have liked our website and you must have got to learn something new from the information given on our website.

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It is our prayer to God that you are successful in life and move forward.

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